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Fishing Report  12/13/19  by Patrick Blackdale, Willowfly Anglers Staff & Guide


Taylor River Fishing Report

C&R: 100 CFS

Almont: 150 CFS

The Taylor River is in winter mode now with ice developing in the canyon. Focus your efforts at the Catch and Release section and you will find active fish. Hatches are sporadic, but midges are the main bug you will encounter. Tandem rigs are the way to go, with a small stonefly or worm up top as an attractor, and a midge on the terminal end. This is a great time of year to try different midge patterns of all varieties and colors. I have had days where fish seem to be keying in on green or blue midges at the C&R for some unknown reason. Sometimes experimenting pays off, not to mention it makes the winter tying more fun! Please be aware that brown trout are still Spawning now, so be careful not to trample Redds. A Spawning Redd is an area of shallow, lighter-colored gravel where trout spawn. Please do not fish to spawning fish! The future of our precious resource relies on their success.

East River Fishing Report

Almont: 95 CFS

The East River at Roaring Judy SWA is nice and quiet this time of year. There will be some ice developing on the river, but there is still access to a few nice pools in this section. You will need to use some stealth to be successful in this low water, with 5x tippet and size 22 midges being the norm. You can find success on KF flashers, Pheasant Tails, RS-2’s, and a myriad of other midge or BWO imitations. Just focus on the slow deep stuff. As for the ponds, you can usually find some risers in the inlets all the way through the winter. A small drab emerger is needed to fool these fish, something like a Mole Fly in brown or olive, size 20 can work very well. 

Gunnison River Fishing Report

Gunnison: 275 CFS

The Gunnison River is at winter flows, and fish are in the deep runs. Midges and other winter attractors can do well, especially on warm afternoons (40+ degrees). Nymphing deep water methodically is the ticket right now, as the Gunny has a lot of “in-between” water that is not really holding many trout right now. If you burn through a hole too quick, you could have quite a walk to get to the next good run. If moving a lot is your style, consider working downstream and swinging black or olive streamers through the runs.

Good luck and enjoy the fishing!



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