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Fanfreakintastic time on the upper Taylor! Yummy food at The Smokehouse! Best day in Colorado I've had! Loved it! - Sissy

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Fishing Report Aug 12th – by Matt Galvez, Willowfly Anglers Staff & Guide


Taylor River Fishing Report

The Taylor is on! Red Quills, Caddis, Stones, and PMD’s in the upper canyon right now. Fish are spread out in pockets, riffles, and runs throughout. Dry fly fishing from noon to last light can be lights out! The Catch and Release section is fishing well too; to include mysis shrimp, PMD emergers, and drake emergers. C&R is at 400 cfs.

East River Fishing Report

The East River is flowing at 374 cfs. This is a fishable flow and nymphing the inside edges can be awesome.  Gravel bars are developing nicely, and a dry-dropper in the riffles is starting to find a lot of fish. If fishing the East, expect the fish to be avoiding the heavy water. Caddis, stones, pmd’s, and BWO’s are all catching fish. Remember to check out the ponds too, as we have seen some BIG fish cruising the ponds this summer. Lots of fun to throw a small dry-dropper in the ponds (and easy access for the whole family!)

Gunnison River Fishing Report

The Gunnison is flowing at 874 cfs. These are great flows for floating, and reasonable for wade fishing west of Gunnison at Neversink and Coopers. The fishing on the Gunnison has tightened up significantly over the last week, as is customary for August. Salmon should be making there way up the Gunnison River to the East River very soon. The big hatches are over with and now we are seeing tricos and sporadic caddis. Many fish are pushing into the center of the river seeking oxygenated water and refuge from sunny days. Nymphing with plenty of weight and fishing the faster center can be the ticket in these conditions.

Fishing the Taylor River

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