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Fishing Report

Fishing Report July 15th – by Patrick Blackdale, Willowfly Anglers Staff & Guide

Fishing in the Gunnison Country is good on the major drainages. Most anglers are focusing their fishing in the morning hours to let the trout rest during the afternoons with higher water temps. The Taylor River below Taylor Dam, as well as the Gunnison at Pine Creek, Morrow Point, And East Portal will stay colder into the afternoons due to dam releases.


Taylor River

The catch and release section (C&R) on the Taylor is fishing well from 10am – 8pm with various hatches throughout the day to include BWO’s, PMD’s, Green Drakes, Yellow Sallies, and midges.

Fish are pretty spread out on the Taylor right now, from deep slow pools to faster riffles. Please remember to remove gloves before handling fish, as this protects their important slime layer. Quick photos and keeping the fish wet as much as possible will keep the fishery healthy for everyone to enjoy.

East River

The East River is low water but still fishing well in the pockets and deeper buckets and runs. Focus your fishing time in the morning to let the fish rest during the heat of the day!

Gunnison River

Dry fly fishing is still getting it done on the Upper Gunnison most of the day, with the main exception being the early morning. Droppers are catching nice fish as well in the riffles, fast water, pockets, and center-runs. With water temps creeping into the 68-degree range on the Gunnison, focus your fishing time early in the day, and try to be off the water by 1pm or 2pm. Beef up your tippet to 4x or 3x so you can play fish quicker. Avoid bringing any fish out of the water right now as much as you can help it. Keep them wet and revive them facing upstream in moving current. If we all work together to protect the fishery during this lower than average water year, we will continue to enjoy excellent fishing in the future.





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