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Fishing Report  2/18/20  by Patrick Blackdale, Willowfly Anglers Staff & Guide

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Taylor River Fishing Report

C&R: 80 CFS

Almont: 120 CFS

The Taylor River is fishing very well this winter at the C&R. This is due to good flows near 100 cfs, which gives fish more habitat to feed, hide, and here soon – to spawn. As the days get longer we will begin to see more rainbows come into the C&R public water to feed and prepare to reproduce. In my experience, pre-spawn fish are the highest quality fish we encounter all year long on the Taylor. It is important to treat these specimens with respect, as they are the parents of future generations of Taylor giants. Remember to play the fish as quickly as possible, and keep the fish submerged in your net after the fight. Photos should be quick, never removing the fish from the water for more than a few seconds. And remember, we are all anglers here for the same thing – to have fun on the water! If you need help netting a fish, or with a photo, someone around you will be glad to help. A little kindness on the water goes a long way!  And lastly, as we see big rainbows moving into shallow spawning redds, please resist any temptation to fish to these spawning beauties. You can find some deeper water or some browns to chase during this time!

East River Fishing Report

Almont: 80 CFS

Although access to the East River is very limited this time of year, the Roaring Judy ponds can still be a lot of fun for the family. Fish will chase down and eat small buggers and leeches. Also fun is fishing midge dries in the inlets. These fish can be picky but if presented correctly you can tempt a few fish to rise to your small dries.

Gunnison River Fishing Report

Gunnison: 200 CFS

The Gunnison River is mostly iced over now. If you encounter open water, look for the slowest deepest pools. Nymphing with an attractor and a midge should be the ticket. Of course, be careful of any ice along the banks. I don’t trust any ice on the river, so for the most part fishing on the Upper Gunnison is done until spring.

Good luck and enjoy the fishing!




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