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Fishing Report May 9th – by Patrick Blackdale, Willowfly Anglers Staff & Guide


This happy client caught several rainbows over 20 inches on the Taylor River!



The Gunnison River is off color this week but it is still fishable! Float fisherman have had good success in the afternoon and evenings as the water begins to clear. Wading anglers have also found success downstream of Gunnison in the section between Neversink and Blue Mesa Reservoir. The Taylor is still 150 cfs out of the Dam and only slightly stained here in Almont. Although not particularly buggy in Taylor Canyon yet, Anglers are catching nice trout on BWO nymphs primarily. The C&R section below Taylor Dam is still producing big rainbows consistently!



Taylor River

Lighter colored gravel in shallow water indicates a redd.

The catch and release section (C&R) on the Taylor is fishing well from 12pm-5pm. This is the warmest part of the day and offers up some blue wing and midge hatches and actively feeding trout. There are Rainbows on Redds now so PLEASE let them spawn in peace and focus your fishing efforts on deeper fish. Also please be careful when wading not to trample these redds. If you are unsure of what a redd (Spawning Bed) looks like, it is a shallow gravel area with lighter colored gravel. This is where trout pair up to deposit and fertilize eggs. It is important to leave these trout alone if we want fish to keep reproducing successfully!

Keep your rigs simple right now. Stonefly nymphs sizes 6-10, Midges, Pheasant tails, and RS2’s in the 20-22 range are all working with 5x tippet. Long Leaders of 12′ or more combined with small clear or white indicators are a good choice.  Avoiding big, bright indicators is smart as these fish are wary in this low, clear water.

Most fish are holding up in the deeper, slower water so focus your efforts in these pools with good drifts to actively feeding fish. Please remember to remove gloves before handling fish, as this protects their important slime layer. Quick photos and keeping the fish wet as much as possible will keep the fishery healthy for everyone to enjoy.

East River

The East is running turbid and on the rise this week. If at the hatchery, your best bet is to fish one of the several ponds which are clear and loaded with trout. Small dries such as Craven’s Molefly (sz 18-22) can do well on warm afternoons.

Gunnison River

Professional guide Audrey Morris on the Gunnison River last summer. Nice weather has us ready for summer.

The upper Gunnison is off color now with high temps beginning to melt the high elevation snow. Trout are still feeding on egg imitations such as globugs or trout beads in chartreuse or apricot colors. Also working well are stonefly nymphs such as Pats Rubberlegs (sz 6-10) or twenty inchers, and weighted streamers in white, yellow, olive, or black. The key right now is finding the slow/soft water where trout will congregate as flows increase.




This is a great time to think about hiring a guide as the rivers are uncrowded this time of year! We provide all the needed gear on our guide trips including waders, boots, rods, reels, tackle, and a lunch on full day trips. Call the shop to book any day of the week! 970-641-1303


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