Fishing Report

Report for week of: July 20, 2014

Big Trout Med

Weather and fishing conditions can change rapidly this high in the Rockies, so be sure to check for the latest updates or give us a call before planning your trip to the area. The latest flows and specific hatches for our rivers are listed below. Visit USGS on the web for real-time river flow data for Colorado and Gunnison County.

The Gunnison River and many of its major tributaries have peaked and flows are now returning to fish-able levels.  The fishing is heating up on the Gunnison river, Taylor River and the East River.

Taylor River Catch & Release (C&R – below the dam):
Small midges, nymphs, and Mysis Shrimp. Midges and some BWOs have been hatching, Egg patterns and/or Trout Beads.
Flies: General midge patterns 18-24, Mysis Shrimp 18-22, Jujubee Midge 20-22, Dennis Miller’s D-Midge 18-20, Brassie 20-22, Black Beauty 20-24, KF Flasher 20-22, Red Disco Midge 18-22, Barr’s BWO Emergers 18-20, Juju Baetis 18-20. Try small adult midge patterns, Griffiths Gnats, adult and Emerger BWO patterns for dry fly action (18 -22) Egg patterns/Trout Beads 12-16.

Taylor River:
The Caddis are hatching early morning and evening.  Green Drakes are hatching mid day and have been seen as high as mile marker 11 on county road 742.  Water conditions are excellent and we are seeing a mid-day temperature of 54 degrees.
Flies: Various midge patterns and mayfly nymphs can be fished in tandem. Size 18 to 22 midges in black, red, olive, or brown can be trailed behind small mayfly nymphs. Good mayfly nymphs include micro mayflies, Juju Baetis, and Barr’s BWO Emergers, and small Pheasant Tails (18-20). For dry fly action, you can fish small midges and BWO adult and Emerger patterns, red and chartreuse Copper Johns, 20 inchers, Stonefly patterns 12-18.

For more information, check out the Taylor River report on

East River:
The flows have dropped on the East River, and you can now wade fish. Green Drakes size 10-12 mid day and caddis size 10-16  in the evening.

Gunnison River:
The Green Drakes are making there way up the Gunnison along with PMD’s. Conditions are excellent for a float fish.
Flies: Big Stoneflies, Caddis Fly’s, Green Drake’s, Streamers

For more information, check out the Gunnison River report on


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